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                               Hi! I am a graduate of Columbus State University and am highly qualified to                                        teach both math and science at the middle school level.  I also hold a gifted teaching endorsement.
I joined the Greenville Middle School team in 2010.
My reason for wanting to teach in Meriwether County is pretty simple. I live here!
I have been married for 34 years. We have 3 horses and a dog. We enjoy traveling, history, reading, cooking, fishing, and music but fellowship, family, and friends are what we value above all else.
If you want me to talk your ear off, just ask about my grandkids!

Meet Mrs. Martin


Teachers should work twice as hard as they expect their students to work.

Every student has talent and every student can be successful.

You can't have a good day with a bad attitude and you can't have a bad day with a good attitude.

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